JG Wentworth: True to Its Words and Promises



JG Wentworth is true to its television commercial tagline “It’s your money; use it when you need it.” The company continuously proves that annuity holders who badly need their money right away can be helped. JGW is one of those financial services firms in the United States that provide a helping hand to people with annuities or structured settlements. Simply speaking, JG Wentworth purchases annuities and structured settlements in exchange for lump sum cash. Because there are tough times wherein people need to convert their annuities or structured settlements into cash, JGW provides assistance. It is a fact that there are particular circumstances that prompt individuals to sell their annuities; hence, JGW makes ways to help such people.

By simply contacting the service hotline of the company, individuals who want to sell their annuities can have their lump sum money in two to three weeks depending on the nature of the terms and conditions. Interested sellers can determine the total money they can get from the sale by deducting the initial amount of their annuities with particular JG Wentworth fees. The fees usually range from 9 to 30 percent of the original amount. JG Wentworth fees should not intimidate interested annuity sellers because with the help of JGW annuity specialists, they can know how much they can get from the sale.

The main concept of selling your annuity to companies like JG Wentworth is that you are giving in your future payments for lump sum money. There are particular disadvantages of doing this finance-related action. One known con is that you can get more money if you stick with your annuity since there are deductibles such as JG Wentworth fees. However, despite disadvantages, there are also practical advantages in selling your annuity. For example, you lost your job and you cannot afford to wait for your annuity payments due to existing and outstanding financial obligations, having cash on your hand can be very beneficial. When this type of scenario happens, selling your annuity can be a viable and practical idea. This is when the tagline of JGW is most appropriate “It’s your money; use it when you need it.”

Undeniably, deciding whether or not to sell your annuity is difficult, which is why over-thinking about it is not a bad idea at all. You should put into consideration certain factors before finally settling on selling your annuity. You should think about the fees, terms and conditions, and the necessity of selling your annuity.


How To Become A CPA In New York – CPA Exam Requirements



Are you working in accounting and finance in New York? If so, become a CPA is a great investment you will appreciate for the rest of your career. In this article I am going to give you a summary on the 3 steps in becoming a CPA in New York.


How To Become A CPA: An Overview


First of all, you may be interested to know that the CPA qualification is granted by State Boards of Accountancy and not a centralized agency at the federal level new york city accounting service. The implication is that every state has a slightly different CPA exam requirements and as an aspiring CPA candidate you’ll have to be careful in checking with the requirements in your state.


Having said that, because of the continuing effort to standardize the CPA exam requirements across the country, many states have now become “substantially equivalent states” which means that the CPA licensee of this state can work as a CPA across the country without the extra registration and paperwork.


The good thing to know is that New York is considered one of these substantially equivalent states.


The 3 Requirements For CPA Licensing


In general, a candidate needs to fulfill the “3Es” in order to obtain a CPA license: